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Warning Label

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What is a Warning Label? Drop Label Prices? How to Make a Drop Label?

Drop label is an advertising product that shows the design large with its lens effect, extends the angle of view, and adds depth and brightness to the colors. Stunning, colorful, transparent, deep, bright, amazing and attractive drop labels with unlimited usage area create another dimension in the use of advertising labels.

Alerting Label / Warning Label / Safety Label

Alerting labels, which are used extensively in the machine industry, are used to ensure the safety of the employees and to guide them. Our company produces alerting labels in accordance with CE norms. In addition, if you wish, you can have the factory and in-building occupational safety warning signs produced in original designs for your business.

It can be easily applied on materials such as aluminum, brass, decota, as well as applied as an opaque or reflective sticker. As Porta Etiket, we carry out label applications of signs that are accepted in the whole society and have the same meaning, and we always keep them in our stocks, as well as special alerting and warning label applications. Just as we make warning labels in different sizes and colors, we produce alerting and warning labels with different materials and graphics.

In almost all businesses as well as the industrial sector, there is a warning label suitable for the business area. You can have all the warning labels in our lives, from shopping centers, site security entrances, factories, schools, with Porta Etiket quality and original designs. If you need many alerting and warning labels or more such as warning signs, traffic signs, direction signs, non-smoking signs, lumen plates, reflective plates, portable floor marking stands, phosphorus plates, emergency directions, guidance barriers, cone barrier, warning and warning tapes, double pictogram plates, contact the Porta Etiket customer representative who will help you in everything.