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Cutting Foil

What is Foil (Plotter) Cutting?

Cutting foil, also known as plotter foil or decoration foil, is a type of foil used in advertising to remove all kinds of text, figures, shapes and patterns by cutting the foil obtained from Polyvinyl Chloride with devices for cutting and shaping foil called plotter.

What is Cutting Foil?

Although cutting foil is one of the most frequently used types in advertising, its use has not decreased even after the emergence of the digital printing technique, and even more aesthetic advertising examples have been revealed by using digital printing and foil cutting with the same technique. 90% of the signs currently available in our country have been made by these methods. The cutting foil, which has a wide range in terms of color alternative, is divided into 2 as glossy and matte. There are also 5 different types of colored foil, cast foil, high series foil, printing foils and lamination. Cutting foil is a material on which a thin PVC is applied on a silicone-coated paper. The shelf life of this self-adhesive material varies from 2 to 5 years. It is divided into different groups according to its characteristics as indoor, outdoor, printing cutting and decoration foil. In plotter cutting machines, it can be cut in any way as numbers, letters, patterns with computer-assisted programs. Due to the low life and durability of the product, it is economically preferred for short and medium term jobs. The products available on the market differ from each other with their features such as total thickness, roll diameter, tensile strength, flexibility, application temperature, maintenance temperature and their prices change. However, each brand has its equivalent and various colors. Although it is very comfortable to use in hot weather, it may be necessary to use transfer tape for cold weather application. Although the areas of use are very common, since it is a short-lived product, using it in light-free signage systems, showcase writings and flat surfaces will provide more efficient results.

It can be used in interior spaces such as fairs, congresses, festivals, short-term organizations, flat surfaces such as signs, glass, showcases, facades and direction signs, as well as frequently used in vehicle writings and decoration sector. Although there is no distinction between indoor and outdoor use, it is known that it will be shorter in outdoor use due to weather conditions.