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Vehicle Covering

Vehicle Door Logo

It is the process of applying your company's logo or title to the doors of your vehicles or any region you want. It is the most reasonable product of the Vehicle Dress Up segment.

Complete Vehicle Dress Up (3D)

In Canalled Vehicle Dressing, you can cover your entire vehicle if you want. The material used in this application is a special product for dimensional surfaces. In these works, unlimited logos, brands, product images and slogans can be used. The complete coating of the vehicle is an important factor in terms of attracting attention, that is, in terms of complying with the purpose of the advertisement.

Truck – Bus Dressing

The perception of the applied visual is much more successful since the body of the trucks is of a flat surface. Since the vehicles are in continuous shipment, the cases of these vehicles wear down quickly. For this reason, the fact that the company covers its own advertising gains importance both in terms of prestige (clean image) and advertising.

Custom Vehicle Dressing Design

If the standard Vehicle Dressing techniques are not satisfactory enough for you, we can design your vehicle for you and make it look very special. We can customize the color of your vehicle with products such as matte, shiny, pearl, carbon etc. both regionally and completely and adapt your logos on it.


Vehicle Coating Application Samples