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Drop Label

What is a Drop Label? Drop Label Prices? How to Make a Drop Label?

Drop label is an advertising product that shows the design large with its lens effect, extends the angle of view, and adds depth and brightness to the colors. Stunning, colorful, transparent, deep, bright, amazing and attractive drop labels with unlimited usage area create another dimension in the use of advertising labels.

With its three-dimensional effect realized with the Domes system, drop labels have unlimited application area. Drop Label creates an attraction that is easy to gravitate and hard to ignore.

The Drop Label improves the image of a product, giving it meaningful added value. With the 3D effect created by the Drop Label, even the simplest objects gain a special appearance and become easily noticeable. The product thus stands out and is also seen as a projection of another brand or logo to which it is identified.

Drop labels can be produced in different combinations of shapes, sizes and colors. This can offer us brand creativity in unlimited options. In this way, your brand will not only look different and eye-catching from others, but will also gain many practical advantages of the drop label. Drop labels are flexible. They can be applied to different surfaces as plain, flat, circular. The polyurethane surface covering the drop label is extremely durable. It renews itself and is resistant to shocks and scratches. Even if it is exposed to sunlight outside, it does not turn yellow or fade in UV light. It is resistant to moisture, salt water and other natural elements, and even many chemicals and acids.

Differences of Drop Label

The prints of normal printed labels become irritated, wiped or lost over time. The drop label protects your printing against external factors for a lifetime by being applied on this printed surface. With its transparent glassy appearance, it makes your label look more vibrant, more attractive and of higher quality. With its high chemical durability, it ensures that your label remains bright for years without turning yellow, whether in automotive or white appliances. It remains at the same clarity for years with its scratch-resistant outer wall and becomes the prestige symbol of your product. It makes a flat label eye-catching with its three dimensional effect. Drop label is a polyurethane based double blend label.Polyurethane is a chemical that has found many different uses from automotive, clothing, toys and shoes that do not harm human life.

The drop label is obtained by mixing the double-mixed polyurethane material with special machines and pouring it on the surfaces we prepared beforehand and freezing this liquid mixture through certain room conditions or heating techniques. The drop label material spreads depending on the spreading principle of the liquid, stops where there is a sharp corner or a factor to prevent its spread, and becomes solid by completing its reaction in the appropriate environment. Depending on the amount of pouring, the average achievable height and thickness is 1.6mm. The drop is held on the label as if it fuses to the material it is poured on with its high retention feature. We can hold up the materials ABS, PVC, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Aluminum to be poured as an example.

Drop Label Application Examples