Lexan Panel


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Lexan Panel Label

What is Lexan Panel Label? Membrane Keypads Label Prices? How to Make a Lexan Keypad? What are Lexan Keypad Models?

Membrane switch (KEYPAD) is a form of switch used to turn on and off a single circuit. While the mechanical switches are generally made of copper and plastic parts, Membrane switches are applied by printing special substances such as pet or ITO on the top. Keypads are an easy part for users to send commands to electronic machines and tools. It is used in many areas in the sector.  Membrane switch label systems are the areas such as medical, gas stations, scales, etc. where the product is used a lot.

Membrane switch consumption has recently increased in our country. In addition to the easy-to-use styles and decorative looks of these systems, affordable prices have also managed to increase the desire of buyers for membrane switches. In recent years, microwave oven panels, air conditioning inspection panels and TV controllers have been used in similar areas and it seems that they will find more usage areas in the near future. You can use a membrane switch in your products by contacting us and getting professional support about the keypads and design you want to use in your projects.

Membrane keypads are generally the products requested by the customer and designed and applied in accordance with this request.

Therefore, it cannot be kept in stock normally. Porta Etiket makes deliveries to their customers within the program by keeping the design products in stock.

They use the membrane keypads that we keep in stock within the calendar they create by reporting the annual needs of our customers.

All of our products are inspected at every stage of production; finally, they are shipped to our customers after 100% function testing at the final stage.

Label and Graphic surface

It is designed taking every detail into consideration from its formal design to its functional design, in line with the information from our customers.

  • It is not affected by water, moisture and humid environments.
  • It does not fade from dust and sunlight and is not affected by weather conditions.
  • It provides an aesthetic appearance and unlimited alternatives in graphic design.
  • It provides practical and easy cleaning opportunity.
  • Due to the application made to the material from the rear, it is impossible to erase the numbers and symbols from the front surface.
  • Due to its simple installation, it provides time in terms of duration.
  • You can have membrane keypads at a more affordable price than other systems.
  • In metal dome and embossed panels, the feeling of touching the button is quite felt.
  • The number of keystrokes is long-lasting.