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Vinyl Printing

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl: This material, which is called as tarpaulin among the people, is available as 280 – 320 – 440-520 gr. As the weight increases, it is important in the quality of the place of use. 280 gr vinyl is generally used in serial banners or election banners. If it is 440 gr or 520 gr vinyl, you can use it on sign surfaces or billboards or anywhere you want to do quality work. Vinyl material is available in the Far East and Europe. It is of higher quality than far East tarpaulin with its European tarpaulin ropes and quality. Vinyl material is manufactured with and without light.

Mesh vinyl: This material, known as perforated vinyl, has the feature of showing the outside from the inside and not showing the inside from the outside. This material, which is generally used as a poster because it is perforated on the facade, is also used as a sign without light in front of a glass
 to prevent the outside appearance.                                                                                                                       Versaydek Vinyl: This material, known as the father of the tarp, is used to cover trucks. This product, which has a 10-year warranty, is a German product and is a very high quality and heavy material. We sell this material, on which we print digitally, to the companies that make the most truck tarps.

Blackout vinyl: The feature of this 520-gr thick material is that it can be printed on both sides. This material, which we work on poles at the sides of the street, can be easily used in roll-up printing, table printing as a dovetail flag and in many areas.

Canvas vinyl: This material is mostly used in painting, after printing on it, you can exhibit it in your office in many places at home after applying a matte or glossy polish on this material, which gives a very different atmosphere to the printing, and after a beautiful frame is made, and you can also give it as a gift to your loved ones.

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