What is


What is Porta?

Our door is always open

PORTA is a Latin word for "big gateway to the street or the road in houses with courtyards." 

PORTA is used in especially Greek, French, Portuguese and Italian and interestingly used in Tatar villages in Eskişehir and Nomad villages in Antalya (just like in Latin). Therefore, we can assume that PORTA is a universal word both in terms of similarity of use and meaning.

Our story actually begins in 2000 with a large door opening under the spacious sky dome of Istanbul. And all the touches belonging to the past are returning to the present with PORTA.


PORTA provides the transition of the past to today and today to the future with the comfort of art and aesthetics.

“Remember; ask and seek and you will find,

knock on the door and it will open to you. "

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