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Embossed Metal Label

What is Embossed Metal Label? Embossed Label Prices? How to Make an Embossed Label? What are Embossing Label Models?

Embossing, also known as Embossed Labels, is a label group that exhibits classiness and elegance together. This type of label, which is applied on metal materials such as aluminum, steel and brass, is produced by applying it to all metals with the help of an embossing mold previously made on aluminum by means of a screen printing. Embossed label models, which have a striking and memorable effect, have a structure that can be easily used in every sector and highlights the area where they are applied. Especially in the industrial sector, metal labels, which are preferred in durable consumer goods but have a small usage area in almost every sector, gain different forms and properties by applying press cutting, embossing, laser cutting, Diamond Cut, acid carving techniques. One of the most preferred metal label applications with its rich visual content, durable structure and long service life is the Embossed Metal Label Model.

In this type of metal labels, which serve different purposes and contain product information, as well as being an effective advertising and promotional material, after printing the symbols that form the name or logo of the brand on which it will be applied by applying special paints and techniques, it is possible to apply a special press or embossing with various molds to the desired parts. In this way, metals such as aluminum and brass, which have a more aesthetic and stylish appearance by obtaining a three-dimensional appearance, are used especially in electrical and electronic goods, the automobile industry and the furniture industry, thus bringing the products and the manufacturer brand to the forefront.

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Embossed Label Application Samples