Anodized Aluminum

Panel Label

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Anodized Aluminum Panel Label

What is Anodized Metal Panel Label? Anodized Metal Label Prices? How to Make Anodized Metal Label?

Anodized Aluminum Panel Label

Aluminum is printed with special paints. Resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Paint retention is very high. Anodized Aluminum Label can be applied on the material in the desired thickness and in the desired colors.

High Micron Aluminum Panel Label

It has the appearance of anodized aluminum. Printing on aluminum is processed into the material and trapped. It is a material suitable for use in all weather conditions. High micron material is protected against oxidation and corrosion. Paint on aluminium is resistant to chemical solvents (thinner, gasoline, spirits, etc.). High Micron Aluminum Label can be preferred especially in control panels, industrial machines, etc. where chemical materials are used extensively.

Acid Engraved Aluminum Panel Label

It is a method of carving aluminum with acid. Optional negative or positive can be carved by the Acid Engraving method. The carved parts are colored using the preferred colors. It is then coated with a protective lacquer to prevent the material from scratching and to increase its resistance to chemical solvents and weather conditions.


Anodized and Engraved Metal Labels