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Sticker Label

Sticker Label


Sticker is selected according to the area on which the material and paint are used in the sticker work. This advertising tool, which is used indoors and outdoors, can be produced as a variable between 1 and 7 years in terms of adhesiveness and durability.

All of the materials used are quality certified and applied on paper, PVC, aluminum carriers. Digital printing or screen printing is preferred according to the usage area. Generally, the desired colors are printed in different sizes in publicity purpose or promotional works. Various background colors can be used on demand, as well as transparent material. Internal or external adhesive and double-sided labels can be preferred according to the purpose.

Our company, which prefers Oracal and 3M brands on foil labels, produces hundreds of different foil colors with 6-color Roland digital printing systems. In addition, the same materials can be printed with the screen printing technique. 

As porta Etiket, we undertake to offer the most reasonable prices and the highest quality on stickers.

  • Sticker Label on Reflective Foil
  • Sticker Label on Sandblasting Foil
  • Sticker Label on Mirrored Foil
  • Sticker Label on Magnet Foil
  • Sticker Label on Translucent Foil
  • Sticker Label on Highlighter Foil
  • Sticker Label on Lumen Foil
  • Sticker Label on Carbon Foil
  • Sticker Label on Transparent Foil