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Ribon Label

Ribon Label Types

Thermal Transfer Printing Method is a method used in the marking of label, cardboard and synthetic materials in the industrial world. The ink, which is solid on the polyester film, is heated by the thermal printer head to become liquid and transferred to the label surface to provide printing.

To ensure excellent print quality, the printer, ribon, and material to be printed must be compatible. Thermal Transfer printing gives you the best results in all types of unprinted materials, from plain paper to synthetic paper. The life after printing with ribon on the thermal transfer label is longer compared to the thermal label (without the use of ribon).



1.WAX RIBBON: Normal TT Papers are suitable for Flat-Head printers. Printing speed: 300mm / second Melting degree: 65°c Available material: Wellum, Thermotransfer paper types, Chromolux papers. Ribbon mixture : Carbon, some chemicals, resin, wax (melts quickly, low heat is used. Since it melts quickly, 98% wax, 2% resin is used. )

2.WAX-RESIN RIBBON: Printing speed: 250mm / second (Depends on the printing material) Melting degree: 75°C Available materials: Thermotransfer paper types, Chromolux papers, PE, PB, PVC, pet, pet and Polyester foils. Additional feature: 90° rotated barcode. Ribbon mixture : Carbon, some chemicals, Wax + Resin (30% wax (wax) +70% resin is used or 50% wax - 50% resin is used so that it does not melt quickly.)

3.RESIN RIBBON: Speed: 200mm/second Melting degree: 80° C Material: PE, PP, PVC, pet, Polyester foil Strength: Sea water, Air effects, UV resistant Ribbon mixture: Carbon, some chemicals, (resin) -high heat that is hard to melt is used. 98% resin -2% wax is used (generally for industrial purposes) It is the resin ribbon resistant to heaviest washings in textile prints and to chemical and external conditions in synthetic materials. It does not remove in alcohol test.


1.WAX RESİN: TEC-AVERY: Speed: 600mm/sec Melting degree: 80°C Printing material: Thermotransfer paper types, Chromolux papers, PE, PP, PVC, pet, Polyester foils

2.RESIN: Speed: 250mm/second Melting degree: 80° C Printing material: (PE) PP, PVC, pet, Polyester foils Additional feature: 90° rotated barcode.

Note: * Things to consider when ordering:

  1. Ribbon Type (Wax, Resin, Wax/Resin etc..)
  2. Ribbon winding type (IN / OUT)
  3. Intention of Use (Velluim, Opaque, Washing Instruction etc.)
  4. Ribbon hub diameter (Depends on printer make and model)


Ribon Label Samples