Mica (Plexiglass) Cutting

and Bending

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Mica (Plexiglass) Cutting and Bending

Plastic material with two types as colored or transparent (may be translucent) is characterized as plexi. Lightweight, easy to process, easy to cut and pierce structure are some of the features that make plexi different and privileged. It's more resistant than glass.

Plexiglas is cast and easily applied to every space. Easy to shape. Its resistance to impacts allows it to be preferred more than glass. It is resistant to climatic conditions. It has opaque, fluorescent and transparent colors. It does not break, does not fade. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are heat resistant products. In addition, it is preferred quite often with its protection against harmful sun rays, being resistant to chemicals, not breaking, and easy to shape.

When considered as a sector, it is also used in the fields of electricity and electronics, industrial areas, paint industry and many similar areas, plastic and rubber, insulation industry. It is also used in the sectors mentioned below.

  • In decoration and interior architecture
  • Home and office furniture
  • Bathroom and kitchen accessories
  • Lighting Products
  • Table and coffee table legs
  • Antiques, souvenirs
  • Headboards
  • Store showcase stands
  • Souvenir


Mica (Plexiglass) Cutting and Bending Label Samples