Diamond Cut


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Diamond Cut Label

Metal labels, which are lastly added to the marketed products regardless of the sector and are very important for promotion and advertising, reveal the quality and class of the brand they belong to as well as the use and characteristics of the products attached to them. Diamond Cut Label types follow a slightly different path than other metal labels and only highlight the brand's emblem or logo with its name, not the use and information of the product. 

This type of label, which is written with embossed texts, is used in electronic goods such as television and computers, in the furniture and white appliances sector. These labels attached to the front of the product give the product an aesthetic in terms of visuality and reveal the prestige and quality of the manufacturer. These labels, which are richer in terms of workmanship, are quite different from the others in terms of their impression. These labels, which are mostly applied by large companies whose brands have been heard and whose quality has been registered, are a little more economically burdensome. But its return is just as useful.


Diamond Cut LAbel Samples