Laser Marking /

Metal Scraping Label

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Laser Marking / Metal Scraping Label

  • Laser Marking / Metal Scraping Label; it refers to the system in which various objects or products are marked or labeled using laser.

    The principle of laser marking occurs when the laser beam is guided by optical mirrors and hits objects. The system leaves a permanent trace without using any ink, paint, etc. product or any tool. The working principle of the system is to process the part with the power of the light produced by the laser. It receives the coated color, especially from the anodized coated aluminum surface. In this respect, it differs from other marking methods.

    All kinds of Logo, Barcode, QR Code, part or stock number, fixture names, Alpha numeric characters, letters, numbers, shapes etc. can be written on the product.

    What are the Advantages of Laser Marking Label / Metal Scraping Label?

    FIXED QUALITY HIGH-PRECISION MARKING: Thanks to high laser marking precision, very precise graphics, 1-point fonts and even very small geometries will become clearly legible. At the same time,
     laser marking provides consistently high quality results when labeling and marking materials. Visual readability is very successful even in very small point texts.

    HIGH MARKING SPEED: Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available. This provides high efficiency and cost advantages during production. Depending on the material structure and size, different laser sources (e.g. fiber lasers) or laser machines (e.g. galvo lasers) can be used to further
     increase the marking speed.

    LONG-LASTING MARKING: Abrasion made by laser marking process is permanent and does not erode over time as the material used is anodic coated. Since there is no printing in the marking process, there is no fading or removal in the colors. In this way, there is no wear on labels that are exposed to either in the sun or rain. Depending on the laser parameter settings, some materials can be marked even without damaging the surface.