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Brass Labels

Brass, which is a very decorative and stylish material, is a metal material used for various purposes in many sectors and is a label model that adds value to the product visually and aesthetically and has a high status. Brass Label Models, which include these two features, add a distinct aesthetics and elegance to the product they are applied to, while contributing to long-term product marketing with its long-lasting structure and missions. Brass Labels are used in many other areas, especially in the industrial sector, furniture sector, textile sector. It is used in the production of plaques and medallions that are attached to durable consumer goods for promotion, advertisement, orientation or instruction, that provide information about the names, characteristics or qualities of the areas by hanging at the door entrances in the official or private sector.

Brass label models, which have a design and production feature with gloss, matte and satin surfaces, are prepared for a long-lasting and high quality use process by applying their names, coat of arms and logos, acid engraving, pantograph or screen printing techniques.

Brass Labels, which can be used in various forms or in combination with different materials and exhibit a more stylish and decorative stance, can be made shiny with polishing varnish application in order to prevent problems such as darkening, deformation and leakage, as well as giving a matte appearance with sandblasting technique for more natural lovers. Brass applications are finally polished with yacht varnish and protected against corrosion, rust and deformation against adverse environmental conditions.

On these products, which can be produced in different sizes and thicknesses, logo, coat of arms, picture or name can be applied in various color tones.

In our production facilities equipped with technological machines, brass labels produced with first-class materials and workmanship are offered to you with their functional use and their features that give the best results as advertising purposes. You can get detailed information about Brass Label Prices and brass label models by contacting us.